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Everything starts with a dot as it is in garment manufacturing. We work with the suppliers that Works with the most talented designers in the industry to put your ideas on paper through creative work. From drafting through technical drawings, illustrations, and graphics to final artwork, all vague ideas are pictured and presented to you in concrete form to help you have the very same thing in mind for your garment line. We both refine and perfect your existing designs, and create designs from scratch in line with your brand strategy. We provide drawings or renderings early in the process so everyone is sure of the end result.

Our designer can work with the most basic drawing to create visuals. Then our technical team can work to create a tech pack containing all data required to create a pattern and prototype. Our garment technologist will run a fit session either in-house or with your team before we start sampling.
Pattern making is one of the most problematic areas in fashion production as it needs to be perfect and error free. Our talented technical designers are ready to turn your imagination into reality from sketching to real products. Through various tools and techniques for drafting, draping or flat paper pattern making, we create real first patterns based on your floor plans, pictures or simple ideas, and convert them into real patterns. We ensure that you don't have to start from scratch to start your clothing line. We have broad experience making and grading patterns for every kind of clothing including evening dress, blouse, shirt, swimwear, active wear, jacket etc.
One of the most common difficulties in apparel production is the supply of materials. Most textile manufacturing companies offer them separately. You may have to go to a different textile supplier for fabric and a different one for accessories. We provide unlimited material options for your clothing line including different fabric, texture, lining, button variations and such in one place. We work with a network of local and global fabric and accessories manufacturers that enable us to provide our customers with complete material sourcing solutions. You will not waste time and money in search of suppliers to make your garments produced.
Selecting the correct fabric, printing, trims and accessories is a vital part of the development process. These elements all come together to make your product beautiful, desirable and sellable. Our partners have access to many fabric mills and trims suppliers enabling us to source the best component for your products.
For each order we create a prototype for your approval, allowing you to test the functionality of your design. After you approve the samples, we commence bulk clothing production. However you do not need to order hundreds or thousands of pieces while you need less. We provide quality garments which meet the high standards of our customers, and we offer attractive pricing regardless of quantity, contrary to other fashion manufacturers. Thanks to our great technical and hand-made crafting capabilities, we quickly prepare your final products ready to sell.
Communication is key to making sure production runs smoothly. Because of that, we inform you of your production stage from start to finish. In other words, we keep you informed of progress, by mails, meeting with you regularly by telephone and virtually or in-person when required.
TCTC has a performance manual that covers adult, baby and children’s clothing and accessories requirements. Furthermore, our garment technologist works closely with you and the laboratory to ensure your products fit for purpose. Combined with our 2.5 AQL QC process, our process can give you confidence and comfort when retailing your designs.

Let us make your ideas come true and produce great garments together.

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